Image: Ira Grünberger

2023 - in process

Sonder is an audience composable installation-performance with manifold possibilities. 40 lenses come together in a curved installation, breaking different kinds of light in spectacular ways onto the audience. Accompanied by a paired score borrowing from field recording, techno and noise, the piece is played 
almost as an instrument, apparatus, a sculpture come alive.

The work explores individualism and collectiveness;
it spans a dynamic range which gives time and care to small details as well as overwhelming gestures.
The audience is invited into states of introspection, wondering, chrysalism and a sense of sonder.


SONDER is a first collaborative piece by the artist group MIA (Maarten Keus, Inga Hirsch and Alexander Köppel).

Orginally created for Traumburg festival 2023, SONDER is now in further development to become a standalone piece. We performed Sonder at

07.2023        Traumburg festival,
                        Schloss Dornburg, Gommern (DE)
09.2023       Silencio, Amsterdam
& 11.2023     Studio WirWar, The Hague

Images: Ira Grünberger
Videography:  Marlene Langbein