A composition for granular presence (15’)

This site specific composition for multichannel sound and light is a scene exploring the qualities of its space and different modes of relating. The piece invites to explore the edges of one's perception.
It creates a time and a space in which affects can be embraced as they occur. The work brings you to where you can tap into the more granular areas of your attention, listening and presence.

“We’re not allowing ourselves to fully experience darkness, but you create a space for that - beautiful”

“Ik vond het wel eng, maar het ging uiteindelijk... Ik zei tegen mezelf, er gebeurt niks met je. En dan voelde het als een soort beloning, dat je er bent gebleven. Echt heel goed!”

“It has such a strengh - this profound darkness.
It generates a constant feeling of something is coming.
You are basically waiting for it, the whole time something is coming towards you...”

“The transitions are so smooth, you are suddenly in it, at all stages - that’s very beautiful”

...reactions to the piece from different visitors

This work existed in two, slightly different, versions so far:
“VIER” - depicted here (as part of the Artscience
preview show HONK) - and “BA.102” as my graduation piece, shown at the 2023 KABK graduation show.
The methodology of the work became a sort of blueprint which lets me adapt it to different spaces and circumstances.


Advice sound engineering: Andrzej Konieczny
Technical assistance light: Maarten Keus
Images: Ira Grünberger
Video footage:  Onur Cabi