FINSTER (- Dark [German] - syn.: sinister, gloomy, obfuscated) is a site specific installation transforming
one of the cells in the old PBC for Uncloud 2021 into a multi sensory spatial scene. It combines subjects of architecture, culture and perception.
The work embeds all surfaces of the cell in black fabric, creating a second skin, a delusive cover, which leaves the visual subordinate to olfactory, tactile and sonic stimuli.

FINSTER draws parallels to spaces which seem the farthest away from our current possibilities of unforeseen encounters - with others or oneself - where the unknown (also) makes space for excitement and freedom. The installation aims to counteract the obvious prison cell, seeking to evoke feelings of insideness and otherness and offers a place to dwell in.

“ (...) De Duitse kunstenaar Alexander Köppel bijvoorbeeld bekleedde de binnenruimte van een kleine cel met een zelf gebrouwen, glitzwarte substantie. Wie sich kort laat insluiten in de ruimte ervaart een intense, audiovisueele leegte en een soort isolatie in het kwadraat. (...)”

Robert van Gijssel, De Volkskrant, 03.11.2021

Listen to an excerpt of FINSTER here


FINSTER was created in residency at Uncloud Festival 2021, titled Transliminal. Many thanks to the whole Uncloud team for their support and the almost carte blanche for this project to emerge.