"These characters that I embody are my ghosts, my monsters.
They are all inspired by my family members, by this duality inside of them. My view on who they are is tainted by the many parts they have played in front of me.I need to incarnate them to tame them, to control them.I saw them all performing and they are now present for mine.I want to understand who I am, I want to control my identity." - Laura Dubourjal

The score of Laura Dubourjal's graduation film Re enactments of my Childhood Memories accompanies and illustrates these characters. Each is being presented together with their own musical theme, modulating throughout this performative journey and woven together into a playful and rich atmosphere.

Laura Dubourjal

Re enactments of my childhood memories

Alexander Köppel (1992, Munich) is an artist, spatial designer and musician currently based in Amsterdam. His work fuses sound and space into sensorial experiences - conveyed through installations, architectural investigations, sound production, sound performance, visual and narrative elements. Interested in investigating themes such as perception, time and immaterial value, Alexander Köppel creates subtle, engaging atmospheres and intends to guide into acts of attention.

For inquiries, questions, collaborations or out of curiosity, please get in touch: alex.koeppel@posteo.de


2017 -




Bachelor of Arts
Architectural Design
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Scholarship by the German Academic
Exchange Service (DAAD)

Internship & artist residency
Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest

Bachelor of Arts
Interior Architecture
Burg Giebichenstien
University of Art and Design, Halle

Alexander Köppel has worked for:

Studio Müller van Tol
Studio LA







Heard and Seen

Acts of Attention (Traces)
Graduation Show 2019
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Gleaming Discovery
Sound production for Adrian Stoica’s
Bachelor Collection – Fashion show
Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design Halle

Performance in collaboration with Laura Dubourjal and Moa Holgersson
Butcher’s Tears, Amsterdam

Re enactment of my childhood memories
Score for Laura Dubourjal’s gradua-
tion film – Graduation show 2018
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Performance in 4DSOUND
Spatial Sound Institute Budapest

A Technocratic Entity
Group exhibition - Rietveld Uncut
Brakke Grond, Amsterdam